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 Costly Shopify fees, Lengthy Setup and Inventory is the old way.

The Old Way vs The Smart Way

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Thred stores have a tendency of explosive growth and high customer retention. 

How is this possible in today’s extremely competitive e-commerce landscape? 


Every Thred store is built with these 3 pillars in mind.

Thred Merchants save upwards of $400/month on third-party apps and plugins. 

When scaling a Shopify store you will need plugins and a back-end development team to keep things from breaking down. Thred handles this for you at no extra cost.

Throw in wholesale pricing and fast discounted shipping and all of a sudden you have the right mix for a high profit margin.

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📦 Branding Package

✅ Show your customers how much you care with a meaningful message. 

Add tremendous value to your brand’s customer journey by using:

✅ Stickers

✅ Packing Slips

✅ Branded Boxes

The little things matter… 

Send a Branding Package with every order.

Branding Details increase shareability and returning customers.

📲 App + Store = $uccess

✅ The Thred App for push notifications, DMs and exclusive design tools. 

Use Thred’s design tools to be featured on the trending section and get more eyes to your awesome designs.

Drive sales to your online store by starting conversations with in-app followers and building relationships. 

Have a killer sale coming up? Let customer’s know with a notification to their phone.

95% of Shopify Stores Close In Their First Year

Don’t be another statistic…

👨🏻‍🦳The Old Way of building a Shopify store with all the bells and whistles took days, weeks and even months. 

There’s an entire industry built around price gauging stores with needed add-ons, apps and themes.

Shopify likes to call these service providers Shopify Partners.

It can get pretty expensive, pretty quick. 

Things needed to change…


The Thred team spent 3 years re-engineering the highest converting Shopify stores 

(Fashion Nova, Gym Shark, Gucci etc) 

We cracked the code to what made these stores so special. It was in the way they were made…


Thred packages their structures, color ways and apps into easy to launch templates at no additional cost👇

Here's A Recap Of


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UNLIMITED Personalized products in 2D, 3D or AR. Customization that’s fast and works

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Create and Sell Products, We Handle the Rest. State of the art inventory management system.

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Create promotions, popups, email and sms lists.

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Discover your true profits, Track metrics, Optimize your store.

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AI Ranked SEO For Organic Traffic

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+20 Fast Converting Store Templates to Choose From.

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