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Customer Support

Shipping & Delivery

Expect shipment within 3-4 businesses days.

We pride ourselves in quick delivery and fast responses.

Exchanges & Returns

100% Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction.

If a customer is not satisfied we do an investigation to find and solve the issue.

If we can not solve the issue we do an exchange or complete refund. This is on a case by case basis.


Some commonly asked questions

How does any business make sales? Marketing.

Start with looking up organic marketing methods like making posts on facebook, building an audience on instagram and tiktok.

After maxing out organic traffic start running paid advertising to your store.

We give you the tools to design and sell. You make sales by marketing your brand and linking back to your store. 

Build a store in 30 seconds.

Market and make sales.

We do the rest.


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Phone: 1-226-974-1793